COLOMBO · a selection of 10 South Asian and 7 German electronic music artists will for two weeks unite their powers. at the beautiful Ruskin Island in Sri Lanka they are going to exchange their ideas, form new alliances and produce new music.

the project funded by Goethe Institut is curated by Andi Teichmann #5913 & Hannes Teichmann #5914 and supported by Border Movement, which is founded by Gerriet Schulz #3202. a part of the project is also Jahcoozi with Sasha Perera #3209 and Oren Gerlitz #3478.

"although the field of electronic music is growing vastly in South Asia, the scene remains scattered and largely restricted to the underground or else transported into over-sponsored and highly commercial entities like Sunburn Festival in Goa for example," claim the Sound Camp founders. in a house outside Colombo they want to provide the opportunity for interaction and inspiration between artists.

out of this camp a CD release or a documentary as an end result may emerge. and on the 11th of august Sound Camp party in Colombo Fort will take place. as it is difficult to find a decent club in Colombo, they decided to do the whole thing in a Berlin style instead: i.e. bring an old, empty, disused building back to life by doing a one off party. the location is next to the old harbour, an area which was under Navy restriction for nearly three decades.

it is not about colonization, but equal collaboration! we are excited to see what will come out of the mix between Berlin spirit and Asian melos.