life is unpredictable and you never know wha's happening next... but today for us it happened - the waiting is over! the first three containers arrived in seoul and got unloaded. and this is how it goes...

... prepare the foundation for the future location of the first three containers.

... give the truck driver a warm welcome.

... find the right position for unloading the steel cube.

... get ready for action.

... breath in deeply and lift it.

... show respect to the crane that lifted it and... keep on making sure that the foundation will be earthquake proof!

almost everybody who passed by was curious about what's going on with the three containers, and they are not even built up. the containers are still in a pretty raw shape so let's see how reactions will be after they got the full treatment... anyway, very good to see that the containers are ready for it and also for us it's time for some action~!