everything is getting ready for the first qualifying round of Cut&Paste Seoul at PLATOON.KUNSTHALLE today.
and while everyone is busy on the other side of the planet, Cut&Paste Berlincompetitors are ready for the big match this saturday 13th of november at Admiralspalast!

the winners will compete in New York for global championship!

see the list of Berlin based competitors for 2D/3D and Motion Graphics.

most of you surely know what Cut&Paste is all about!
however this year there are also some new feature: Show&Tell and Meet&Greet.

the idea behind it is to have a pre-program for young designers looking for a way to start their carreer.

with Show&Tell established designers talk about their latest projects and exchange tips & tricks. you will find for instance Julio Rölle and Sebastian Bagge from 44Flavours or Mate Steinforth from Sehsucht... also Designerdock will hold a short presentation revealing what a portfolio really needs in order to be succesful!

however, if you already have a portfolio but you would like a professional opinion about it... then Meet&Greet is exactly what you are looking for. there you will find several reknown agency willing to see your work and give you some feedback straight away.

Cut&Paste Berlin 2010
Studio im Admiralspalast
13. November 2010 19:00