BERLIN · Cut&Paste is gearing up! PLATOON Cultural Development is proud to be organizing the biggest digital design tournament this year! Cut&Paste is now in its eighth year touring the world's design mega cities and searching to the world's fastest designers. This year, it's returning to Berlin bigger, braver, and better.

You are invited to the Volksbühne on 2nd February, 2012, to witness the budding young designers determine their destiny. It's all moderated by Germany's Beatbox Champion Mando, who will beatbox around the stage.

It's the rare chance to see brave talented designers take the stage and show off their lightning speed shortcut skills and wow you with their exquisite and superb designs in 2D, 3D, and Motion Design categories. Oh did we mention they must complete their task within the given 15 to 20 minute time limit?

You are certain to be amazed by what the brilliant designers can produce within their allotted time, and it's guaranteed to be full of energy; emotions will run high and there will be a contagious sense of adrenaline in the air. 

You will witness in awe as the competitors race against the clock to determine their own design destiny and watch as the winners in each category are awarded a trip to NYC to compete at the Cut&Paste Global Championship in March.

As well as the live competition, there will be a public audience design challenge for anyone wanting to participate, and to seek out audience members harboring any hidden design talents!

Once the winners are chosen, an unforgettable afterparty kicks in first with Vjs Pfadfinderei for a dazzling light show, followed by electro-pop experts Notic Nastic leading the night with freaky beats. Socialize with Berlin's top professional designers, media brands, and agencies who also turn up to interact and network with today's young talented designers.

One of the main motivations behind Cut&Paste is to demystify the often invisible design process - and at the same time make it more exciting. What really happens when working on "the creatives" behind an idea? Cut&Paste shows that it is a mixture of tools and courage that count most in successful design.

The live competition takes place on 02.02.2012 at the Volksbühne in Berlin. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets are now on sale HERE!

Come out to support the brave designers, mix with distinguished professionals and media, and bring your friends for an unforgettable night.

Cut&Paste is organized by PLATOON Cultural Development and sponsored by Cine Plus, supported by to Novum, Berlin Design Blog, and Slanted.