on Nov. 5th the Viennese performance trio Date an Artist is going to open its artist brothel at Direktorenhaus here in Berlin. the performance "Club Mindfuck" will offer a new way for the final sale of creative industries :)

for this occasion they are still looking for open minded artist who would like to prostitute their creativity!

feel especially adressed, if you are a noise artist, are fine with inhaling healthy substances with your customer or even if you would just like to play in a pool full of feathers...

you will have to bring some time with you on November 5th, if you want to be an artist prostitute in one of the private cabins! you will have to charme your customers and within a 10 minute session, you will have to give them the absolute mindfuck! created by yourself! bearing in mind that the whole winter season at Direktorenhaus will be spiced up by an Opium Den theme.

since Club Mindfuck is a no-budget production they won't be able to offer you real payment. however, as soon as the overhead costs are compensated, you will get a share.

contact Puffmami Trixie at artists@date-an-artist.com for more information and motivation.

also strong and smart women and men are needed to assist in the transformation of the rooms into an artist brothel on Nov. 3rd.

moreover... probably one or the other of you would be happy to get rid of the following things:

- kitschy & trashy & ugly wall pictures, mirrors,
- blankets, carpets... (preferably asian stuff)
- old floor lamps
- light tubes/chains in red and white
- old pillows / cushions ( they need about 23-30)
- weird objects connected to sex, art, prostitution, or
all of it!

tell Puffmami Minnie all your secrets concerning this: office@date-an-artist.com is the e-mail of your choice.

see you there...