“Who are you? How do you live?” These are the first questions in the artist statement for Deliverance — a live-art work by Kat Henry, Penny Harpham and William McBride — but the piece raises so many more.

Last performed outside of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin in August, 2012 (its third iteration since 2011), the Australian artists remained stationed in a five by six meter square outdoor space for ten days starting with nothing — no clothing, no food, no shelter, no materials whatsoever. Relying solely on the public/audience to facilitate their existence, the trio subsisted on donations as and when they came in (which started quickly, thanks to social media and pre- performance announcements) — clothing, food, tent, sleeping bag, toothbrushes, everything — and engaged with all comers while resolutely refusing to explicitly define their provocation.Ultimately, the people who viewed the ongoing performance work — whether by visiting on-site, online via the live stream, or afterwards through the documentation — each had their own perception of what it was about or which world issue it represented. Financial crisis, homelessness, excess and ecological concerns are only a few of the equally valid interpretations. With a disarmingly simple concept, the artists have generated some seriously complex dialogue.