hey you guys! was guckst ihr?

yesterday something has been going on at the PLATOON seoul site. our friend jay kim (producer) and olive cable tv in korea are doing a youngsters design competition show. out of 300 just 7 candidates are still in the game and were challenged to find their concept for the mission.

-conditions of this project-
1. choose music from the list(chosen by us)
2. create a visual idea according to the music.
3. and then: design a party room.

3 candidates have been dismissed, the remaining designers are sent to italy for the next challenge.

christoph was one of the judges. the other judges were university professor eunkyung choi, professor of samsung art&design institute sukhee ko, a korean song writer dohyun kim and the president of colombo korea faye lee (sponsor).

the tv show will be broadcasted in november ^^*.

#1- music: chemical brothers. the concept: designing a blooming lounge party room.

#2- music: buena vista social club. the concept: a cuban jazz social club .

#3-music: chemical brothers music and concept was powder -make up-room before going to party.

#4-music: a bob marley song. the concept: partying the korean traditional way in nature and the city.

#5-music: a bob marley song. the concept: an easy style club for young juniors.

#6-music: tango music. the concept: a room of passion.

#7- music: chemical brothers. the concept: travel stuff in a suite case having a party (a contribution to the chemical brothers music video).

looks like really serious tv stuff huh?

ah!ah!ow!ow! mike test! mike test! eins...zwei...eins...zwei....^^*

they will never leave me alone~~~ udo! ohyun! j1! don't you need to work sometimes ....gosh~~~ hehehe^^*

yeunsu was seriously fulfilling her duty as always......?

this program will be announced soon on there website.