There is Franz, suing the company that has made him redundant after 40 years. Then, for nine months, he holds out in an empty office with nothing to do.
There is Stephan who, for eight days and nights, sits on a chair that is part of a giant billboard.
Selling yourself is sometimes the quickest way to pay your debts.
There is Saskia, the high school graduate, learning how to put together the perfect application.
There is Gunnar who is being taught that perceiving your own body as trademark is the key to success.
Franz finally wins his lawsuit only to realise he has lost all the same.

DEVIL HIDES IN DOUBT is a film about the emotional push and pull of work, its demands and absurdities, and the struggle for fulfilment.

Eva Stotz studies at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb).
After a variety of short fiction movies she began an intensive work on documentary films.
This weekend she’ presents her graduation film -– an explosive documentary about German zeitgeist.

Film premiere on saturday 12.04.08 | 22 pm | Babylon Mitte | Berlin