after 3 long years of break, Gerriet #3202 found another great location for the legendary WMF. a massive five- storey building just a jump off Alexanderplatz… a renegade construction that probably stayed unnoticed for too many years… and now, to celebrate the first official opening night, the usual suspects got together once again to drive you nuts… DieAllianz is back!


17/01/09 WMF

Modeselektor (Bpitch Control / Berlin) - live floor1 0230
Mark Ernestus & Tikiman (Rhythm&Sound / Berlin)
Housemeister (AYCB / Berlin) - Dj
TRG ( Hessle Audio / Tempa / Bukarest) - Dj
James T. Cotton (Spectral / US) - Dj
KrsnSkate (Labland / Berlin) - Djs
Heiko Hoffmann (Groove) & Thaddeus Herrmann (DeBug)- Djs
visomat inc. & telematique (Berlin) - Visuals
Pfadfinderei (Labland / Berlin) - Visuals

still got that old WMF tag buried somewhere?
then bring it along coz old friends have not been forgotten!

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