Iftah and Elle P. at the PLATOON yard was great. we started out quit early, and for the record: this is not because we're trying to become youth-compatible but simply because this yard of ours has a couple of features that need to be respected. neighbours come to mind. so for future references, if there is an act playing you'd do well in coming on time.

where was I?… oh yes, Iftah and Elle P.! amazing performance from both of them. it was great to see how much passion they brought to the stage (oh yes, there was a stage!.. thanks to marcello!) and how much of this passion seeped through every song. that we got attacked, had surely nothing to do with their music but simply goes to show how many idiots roam mitte at night. somewhere in the middle of their set someone on the street threw a bottle blindly over one of the containers…

hmmm… the culprits escaped, no one got hurt, hardly anyone noticed and everyone else had one particular picture from the blues-brothers movie in their head: remember the cage scene? rad we need one of those!
see you all again next week!