Invitation for the drilling of the Oilfield ‘SPREEFELD 1

Mauerpark, Wendnesday , 7. October 12:30 - 14:30 PM

Oil is getting rare these days, alternative technologies, (i.e hydrogen cars) are developed too slowly and unfortunately on a small scale. the world is still heavily dependent on raw materials and technology from the 19th century, like the V-engine in cars. the engine of our civilization is mostly the energy obtained by oil.

that´s why it´s getting worth again to develop the smallest oilfield. it has been a while since experts started to suspect that an important oil field should also be found underneath Berlin.
some especially good drilling zones are located under the Schlossplatz and the Museuminsel.
however, the first to be drilled should be the Mauerpark, in order to persuade the Economy and Politics to clear unprofitable cultural sites for some good old oil drilling!

we´d like to invite you Wendnesday , 7. October 12:30 - 14:30 pm to witness the opening of Berlin´s first official Oilfield site SPREEFELD 1 .

Tom Tykwer and his team will film the opening of the Mauerpark oilfield for his new movie "Drei".

by taking part in the event you will automatically give the right to use your image to X Filme creative pool GmbH for use in the media and other third parties.

X Filme creative pool GmbH and IEPE will not assume any responsability for the damaging of clothes and any other damaged objects.