If Psy’s 2012 hit “Gangnam Style” was K-pop going worldwide, bands like EE are an indication of a healthy underground back in Seoul.

Manned by husband and wife duo Hyun-Joon and Yun-Joung, respectively, the pair revel in bastardizing their mainstream influences to make energetic, electro-clash pop. And while music may be the message, they prefer to think of themselves as a Total Art performance team, responsible for their own videos, costumes and album designs, as well as the details surrounding it all. EE has been keeping them busy for the past seven years, in tandem with Yun-Joung’s work as a stylist and Hyun-Joon’s work as an installation artist—whose work was shown alongside this year’s Venice Biennale and at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Seoul’s Artist Lab (where his final performance revolved around his proposal to Yun-Joung).While EE clearly follow a lineage as children of Warhol, their endearing, unselfconscious demeanor makes actions like banging their heads, making faces and dancing on camera all the more charming. Equally, their music is upbeat and fun, with just enough edge to keep things interesting. And while they may still be underground, their unusual flavor crosses borders; they were the first Korean act to ever be invited to perform at premier US festival Coachella in 2011.