finally! we´ve been waiting for EL BOCHO since a long time... Martin #4522 and Timo #3538 were on his case for a while. we even heard that once one of our members told him off by mistake coz she thought he wanted to put some ads on our containers... that was really unfortunate... but we are glad he came back again!

dont know if he did it on purpose, but he pasted his work on the only part of the containers wich is behind the door when we are open... so basically you can see it just when we are not there! actually there were already enough people today who asked me to move the door for a sneaky glimpse... just hope it wont happen every ten minutes!

so thanks EL BOCHO! you are always welcome at PLATOON!

another thing... hope the "Bad Kids" who sprayed an amateur graffiti on our container some weeks ago will get some inspiration... just put some effort and remember that we always support artists and creatievs that have something to say!