BERLIN · this is an early call for all of you people still recovering from the weekend. next thursday we have a special treat for you at our infamous DONNERSTAGSBAR!

elle p. & iftah will perform their latest tunes to kick-off the night at the PLATOON yard.

elle p. & iftah are both brilliant musicians. their style: a collage of a wide range of transcending sound-scapes combined with profound personal poetry and unique singing lines.

iftah is also one of the guys behind the berlin based cult live act duo skinnerbox, which performed at PLATOON back in 2008, and elle p.´s visual artwork and performances takes place throughout europe.

many years of experience in music, production art and performance enabled them to bring out the essentials in those fields and to create an exciting new mixture of music that exceeds the audible and reaches the visual aspect of performance.

SHOW STARTS AT 9:15pm (they are doing a video and need the light!)
SO BE ON TIME!!!!!!!!
and remember... access to the PLATOON.AREA is for MEMBERS ONLY!

for updates and questions check us out on facebook
DONNERSTAGS-BAR - fridays are overrated!