many many thanks to all of you who helped me to organize my farewell party here in Platoon on sunday the 26th was truly amazing to have you here....i know i was a bit too hectic, constantly jumping up and down, trying to tie up loose ends ...but that was all part of it. i mean, part of this holistic event, to which so many of you contributed, in the name of friendship and a cheerful love, was for playing music unconditionally, without following any scheme of retribution....

i find it important and all of you should know, that it wasn´t just my leaving party from Platoon, (i am in fact still here), it was also Ronny´s birthday, the terrific bela bartok´s mikrokosmos guitarist that, with Nadia (flute), completely spellbound the audience sitting under a gentle rain; we hope to see more of your eclectic duo in the future...

Ronny also had to improvise as the role of sound engineer for the rest of the bands, since the original one had hurt his back. How would we have done it without you, man?

Bettina and Jessie´s leaving party from their berlin headquarters was also another good reason to throw a party... in fact they left straight after for the u.s and were then heading to salerno where they will be staying for a while - enjoy the amalfi coast my dears and cheers again for the good vibes. lets not forget Bettina´s burgers..they really hit the spot!

well at this point i want to give a special thanks to Toby (drums) for understanding the profile and family-like atmosphere that we wanted to create for this event and for still playing despite getting soaked, along with his fantastic drum set, by the rain...hope you enjoyed the experience though!
your unconventional rhythm melted just perfectly into the Autonervous performance; as a first debut with this constellation i think you will be blowing up many a stage in the foreseable future!

the same goes for DISH, all of them came to rock the stage and you know wha´? they did!

Holger (drums), Helge (bass) Celli (guitar) were just smiling all the way, groovy man, i saw more then one person in the audience playing their own air-guitars, and that says it all...

Espin (singer) was just getting out of control....he had been the most enthusiastic since i asked him to play....this man is a driving energy...follow him and you´ll get burnt.... after the concert he was so much on fire that he had to jump in our Platoon container-pool....and you all know how freezing it can be these days...i think I heard Tschhhhhh!!! at some point but maybe it was just a "mampe" side efffect!?!

we now have a very special gift from chin chin (street artist) on the Platoon´s such a great work of art! hey chin, Don´t forget to come to this part of town more often when going out for one of your „nightwalks"!

more about emeli theander #3318 via PLATOON

thetape vs RQM (video)
what to say lads ?, you are just incredible; sometimes when i hear you play i get the shivers.... Luckazs (emcee) was having a rough day...there was a bit of pressure going on since both of them also had to perform at this very underground party (taking place in an actual subway am alex) later on that evening...but I found their performance fitted the whole atmosphere of the day perfectly...sit back ... it´s coffee time...
Robert (beat master) was sitting comfortably with his laptop playing at a mellow volume, creating a sort of cosy effect..lounge exotica..certainly not only music, the effect as a whole was kind of transgressing the boundaries of poetry.
we all very much appreciated you joining us for this occasion.....have fun at your next gig with Jahcoozi in malaysia !!!

also Anna (soni riot) gave us some subversive flavour by stenciling my "grime barrel" which we used at the very end for the final jam session.
the instrument, which I created especially for the occasion in collaboration with Luis#3151 (conceptual artist) and Stefan (Platoon´s building master), actually consists of a shell oil-barrel that i play with a metal scaffolding produces low frequency infra waves that one can twist into grime beats, or whatever. it´s really more about the symbolism, for instance the pipe is supposed to be made of coltan....does it ring a bell anyone? It´s everywhere from our mobile phones to satellite antennas...and well, it´s one of the reasons for why there is an ongoing war in congo....

anyway, the last performance was totally improvised, we jammed acoustic, like old pirates singing in circle around a barrel of rum...RQM rapping his way on a mental quest, Espin following with some very tribal chants, Holger playing a half cut Shell barrel like a possessed madman while Anna stenciled a gloomy "Platoon" on top of it...and me? well i was sweating while blowing beatz into that grimey barrel......cioe´dju know wha´i mean?

someone kept making crazy pictures and showing them to me at the same time...i'm not sure, but i think it was that drmotte dude, I'm really sorry for the lights man (I read your email and I apologies for the poor lighting on stage during the autonervous performance...but then again I think it was very much in tune with the music..mha? bollocks, they where just improvised). but to be totally honest, i was so much into making this thing happening at all that I forgot some of the basics....but you are always welcome to show us the way forward mate!.... we all know how sometimes you are able to throw some parties running fundamentally on love......and that is what we had last Sunday, no?... hope you people still got it...well if you do, keep it close 'coz we´ll exchange it again next time.... for sure...