tina winkhaus is one of the first members of platoon. her contamporary photographs have a touch of extravanganza and those photographs are a great variety from the muscled, lipsticked posing found elsewhere.

june 13 - june 19

galerie tristesse
karl marx alle 137, 10249 berlin

opening on june 13 (19h - 22h)
finissage on june 19 (18h - 21h)

tina winkhaus serves her photographs with a method of traditional methaphara of painting, but tough she transforms those pics in todays everyday life, hopeless, beauty and concurrently in cruelty. tina winkhaus’ pictures are full of merciless kids, humorous animals and vessels of ambiguous content. thereby she creats something special, which is really rarely: from traditional pieces develop a unique new artificial language and at the same time a representation of nowadays possible values.

"HOPE | HOFFNUNG" invites to a journey, with the target to notice that our modern and urban melancholy not makes us blind.

tina winkhaus' photographs are not made for the faint-hearted but for those who dare to get an experience of todays life in a new point of view.