on thuesday at künstlerhaus bethanien starts an impressive exhibition of takahiro suzuki , a japanese artist.

suzuki studied at the university of arts in tokyo, afterwards he worked in new york. at the moment he is servitor at the künstlerhaus bethanien in berlin.

IKIRO - be alive

march 29, 19.00

march 30 - april 15

since ten years suzuki works on his project IKIRO. day by day he writes the word IKIRO ("lebe!") in different contexts, on different public places and in diverse museums in the whole world, like galleries in new york or temples in nepal.

by now, suzuki declares the IKIRO-project to his life-project, so the project will end with the death of the artist.

suzuki also always includes in his IKIRO-performances the different characters of the diverse places and locations. beside his works, at the exhibition in berlin he also shows a documentation of the bethanien-building's history, which he made in an extensive recherche.

nearly every day suzuki will be personally at the exhibition and you can watch him writing IKIRO in chinese letters on rice-paper to finish his work day by day...