BERLIN · Mario Consiglio #3550 is an amazing artist we had the pleasure to meet a while ago, he teaches New Materials Methodology and Technology at the Perugia Fine Arts Academy and works with many international galleries and istitutions. since he moved to berlin two years ago, he rarely missed a DONNERSTAGS BAR here in PLATOON, thats why we know him mostly from his human side… tomorrow Mario will have his first solo exhibition in berlin! and you are warmly invited to join him to discover also his artistic side.

Grim Solo presents the first Mario Consiglio solo show in Berlin: I Don´t Need Enemies

"today Mario Consiglio’s target is Italy, the one that is revolving like a twister and morphing into a swastika, the one that loses pieces as well as people. a centrifuging space swallowing up and rejecting everything, risking to get lost in the void.

Mario Consiglio works on the ironic and desecrating alteration of pictures and icons, reusing materials, approaching the decadence of contemporary society. His artistic research breaks the accommodating art system and states the freedom of shape and expression. His communication is strong and direct like a punch in the stomach. people’s identity has faded away into the television - Italians favourite target. Mario’s enemies come out from this void-multiplier box. nevertheless these enemies have no body, yet they live in many and creep into everyday life. they are called indolence, indifference, getting along waiting for better times, zapping as a way of life. nobody needs these enemies. it’s a contagious and dangerous disease because it makes one feel good".


I Don’t Need Enemies
Mario Consiglio
curated by Enrico Centonze & Mario Margani
03 – 18 March
Opening Thu 03.03 19-23h