currently part of Transmediale - the festival for art and digital culture.

we've met Gabriel Shalom #5406 at SCHMIEDE this year and we have been impressed by his versatility and creative talent straight away.

his projects are always intellectually challenging and pushing the boundaries of the status quo. to get an idea of his work watch! The Future of Money - Chasing the Buffalo - Fail Safe - Delivered in Beta - it will be definitely worth it. however you can get a better insight of his work via his creative studio KS12.

Gabriel is also an eclectic video artist... or better to say a VIDEOMUSICIAN -> dont miss the hilarious series he made for Jesus Club.

at the moment Gabriel is working on a project at Transmediale together with Patrizia Kommerell from and Clare Molloy from Peres Project. this time around he is trying to find an answer to the question:

the medium of choice is an Immediated Autodocumentary, basically a series of videoblogs and interviews with international artists, visitors of the transmediale and online participants, discussing the interplay of analog and digital processes in the creation of artworks. a participatory process which fits completely the theme of transmediale this year: RESPONSE:ABILITY.

you´ll find Gabriel, Patrizia and Clare at the Open Zone, Immediated Autodocumentation – Workstation at Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt.

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