As our main closing event for our activities at the beautiful house at General Prim 30, Platoon - The Global Creative Alliance in collaboration with the team of CTRL + CENTRO and PICTOPLASMA Academy brought together more than 600 people, 7 brands and a university to support 9 emerging talents in an incredible Día de Muertos celebration where a initiative of an event became a movement of emerging talents.

The core of this movement is to promote the generation and execution of ideas and knowledge for and by students making possible the interaction of projects, platforms and alliances between members of different university communities, with key players when it comes to creative and cultural industries.

Ctrl+Centro is a super fresh platform focused on the dissemination and promotion of emerging talent led by Carlos Daniel Couttolenc Lyle,Diana Zendejas and Valeria Torres. A students initiative that connects fashion, design, art and music, searching for spaces to create environments that allow exposure.

The conception of the celebration was inspired in the finitude processes of life as the main source of transformation and therefore a celebration of life itself as a unique moment worthy to experience as such every day.

In the middle of the night we had a double fashion show: “Intrusos de la Tierra” by Pablo Barjau and "Póstumo" by Violeta Pazaran. Bothe of them students of Textile Design at CENTRO, nevertheless both visions and collections were oposite: while Barjau offered us a show full of fluffy textures and bold patterns, Pazaran was more into delicate and translucent fabrics with litmus effects and bare skin looks.

In the main rooms of the building we had running some exhibitions:

EOS / ElOtroSol by José Javier Martínez (Toto Martínez)and

Benjamin García Pérez with an installation of a set of professional studio lights, they reflect "a sun" in the eyes of people and take a snap of them, making a collection of intimate portraits under the same poetic sun.

'Limbo' by Daniela Bustos and Daniela Peres Duarte, with an installation made out of mirrors making the times of a limbo as a liquid space were we are not dead nor alive.

Pictoplasma Academy joined the celebration after the closing of the first workshop in Mexico with the donation of a minimalist skull made by the illustrators of their given workshop at Platoon Mexico City as one of their main locations. The skull was the central part of the "Ofrenda de Muertos" made by Regina Vega y Renata Rodríguez, they set on the wall a grid of white tiles and cempasúchitl flowers crowned with the skull.

'Unsterblichkei' by Ana Gómez and Simon Lohmeyer with a photographic exhibition were the images were a tribute to feminine sensuality interpreted under a great technique and colorful compositions.

'Lo bueno que me despertó de la ceniza' by Enrique Pérez, photographic series were the main subject is the human transformation into ashes and its subsequent transformation as a nourishment of nature.

'Hoyos (1-7)' by Ricardo Diaque mixed media installation portraying the similarities between the German and Mexican culture from the personal vision of the artist.

The line-up was also extense and very rich in sounds and textures with Salvador Padilla BBY JSSRodrigo SalgadoRubén FabbriUtimes2 and Magic Spells.
The brands and institutions involved were key for this night too: CENTRO, PICTOPLASMA ACADEMY, PICBOX, FUETETÉ and AZPROTEC.

Thank you very much everybody for embrace The Global Creative Alliance, we are looking forward for future adventures together!