Last year for the 30th-Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Platoon Seoul hosted "Berlin Nights 2019” celebrating the creative energy that united the East- and West Berliners on the dance floor and in various art spaces throughout the Seoul city.
This year, we are once again reunited to celebrate the 30 Years of German Reunification in the heart of Seoul City. Commemorating the Day of Unity seems ever more relevant in today’s on-going pandemic around the world. 
During the four days of the “Garden of Unity 2020” event from Oct. 15 to 18 on a 1,400-square-meter rooftop in Gyeongnidan-gil, we will showcase a diverse mix of multimedia art and installations, exhibitions and documentary screenings. 
By revisiting the history of the East and West German Unity through the artistic expression of the artists and creatives, the show will offer an opportunity to think about the creative ways to unite people and communities as global citizens are exploring new ways of social interaction and communication in the COVID-19 era. 
With the anticipated “Garden of Unity 2020”, we aim to inspire the residents of South Korea as well as the global audience in thinking about questions such as “How do we unite in the post-pandemic world?” “What does unity mean in the context of North- and South Korea in 2020?” and “How do we heal social divide in our contemporary societies?
Platoon Seoul is excited to announce the participating artists of a dynamic range, who share their lived experiences of the East and West Germany and express their unique talent through the state-of-the-art installations, exhibitions and films.
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