today we announced a nationwide political campaign with a press conference in berlin. within the last months PLATOON did the concept and realization for this campaign which will be placard beginning september with 4 simultaneous motives. another two series will follow during the next months. including a complex website (start: beginning september)

the photography was perfectly done by patrick voigt.

it's an image campaign for civil services in germany. the two big workers unions ver.di and dbb work together for the upcoming bargaining and so they decided to launch political campaing to inform the people and the media of the worse situation within our civil services.

the claim 'GENUG GESPART!' ('ENOUGH SAVING!') denounces the reduction of the budget for civil services.

the billboard in the pictures tells that 10.000 jobs in youth work where cancelled so 25% of youth work is not longer existing. there will be other examples such as public transportation, hospitals, public pools, theaters, etc..

so: let's change something!