As an award-winning architecture studio with offices on three different continents and a reputation for innovative and sustainable design, GRAFT are known for their work all over the world.

Noted not only for their collaboration with actor Brad Pitt, rebuilding homes in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward following Hurricane Katrina (not to mention their work as architecture partners for PLATOON KUNSTHALLE in both Seoul and Berlin), they also take their expertise into developing communities. One such project they’ve lent their engineering and design skills to is SOLARKIOSK, addressing energy needs of rural communities on the African continent. The low-cost, self-contained, modular, container structures are outfitted with solar panels bringing clean electricity to off-grid areas. The kiosk units are robust, expandable kit-of-parts that are easily transportable, even to remote areas, providing energy round the clock, with battery packs for nighttime operation.As temporary structures, SOLARKIOSKs are also a first step toward self- sufficiency for communities where no electricity is available, or energy comes at high financial and environmental costs. As one of the only spots in a village with power at night, kiosks are information points and shops turned community centers, and eventually can serve as the nucleus of a decentralized mini-grid system, providing energy to homes, businesses, schools, clinics and more. More units can be added to make for bigger services, including assembly halls, refugee camps or health centers. SOLARKIOSK — just announced as the 2015 winner of the Erasmus Energy Business Award — is another example of good design transforming the world.