At the grand opening of PLATOON MEXICO CITY, THECREATIVE NIGHT brought together a selection of outstanding Mexican & German artists. Presided over by Frank Steinmeier,who was the with his presence for the night, together with the hosts of the night, Christoph Frank and Tom Bueschemann, Founders of PLATOON Cultural Development; and Marcello Dato Cultural Director of PLATOON Mexico City, altogether with more than 700 guests welcomed in our temporary location for the project, located in General Prim 30 for the next six months, an old colonial house with more than 3000 squared meters, with a central patio and enough saloons and rooms, restored and starting to be reactivated nowadays by the architecture studio Archipiélago.
Personalities from different fields of creative industries, politics and culture attended to our invitation and enjoyed our first collective exhibition and monthly topic REALITY IS BORING, were striking live performances, groundbreaking interactive installations and mind-bending exhibitions took place and for one month more in this impressive building, a massive and inspiring white canvas by itself. 

SCHNELLEBUNTEBILDER/BerlinWith the interactive installation “TOTEM“, will transform you into a fluid creature in an ever-changing system of particles.
TELEDISKO/ BerlinTeledisko is the smallest disco on the earth. Step in with your friends, choose a song and dance like there is no tomorrow!
NERD LIGHT & CONTROL/ Mexico CityVisual Artist Paolo Montiel creates spectacular Light Sculptures and immersive environments. Expect to hear the roar of “THE JAGUAR”.
MUTEK/ Mexico CityOne of the most renown Media Art & Tech Music festivals on the international scene with an Audio Visual Installation by Jordan Rangel “FIGUE ALPHA“.
QUARSO/ Mexico CityStudio of the art installations by cutting edge Audio Visual Studio QUARSO, with a Multimedia Sculpture and an interactive installation triggered by the movement of the audience.
ECO is repetition, propagation, immersion, reflection, sound.This piece connects series of queries. With their new site specific piece “ECO” /*pac Interactive Studio generates light, atmosphere, movement, space, form and new interpretations of technology.
PLASTIQUE FANTASTIQUE/ BerlinThe bubble masters will take you in their Immersive Pneumatic Environment & Soundscape Installation.
INTERSPECIFICS/ Mexico CityLeslie Garcia, advanced researcher at Bauhaus Weimar will blend Art, Science & Tech with a Bacteria Music Installation.
EMELI THEANDER/ BerlinSupernatural oil paintings of mysterious characters and creatures will follow you in your dreams.
EVELINE VAN DER GRIEND/ BerlinPaintings inspired by Dutch master Hieronymus Bosch, are transcending reality, space and time.
EL BOCHO/ BerlinPolitically engaged Street artist and Berlin´s most iconic Urban Storyteller.
TINA WINKHAUS/ BerlinSurrealistic photography with a provocative twist can question your values and beliefs.
TRAFOPOP/ BerlinFashion Tech Activists take on the city with bike flashmobs and DIY LED Jackets.
ONYX ASHANTI/ Berlin - DetroitInventor, Maker & Data Musician Onyx, is a pioneer pushing boundaries between music and science.