Luis Berríos-Negrón #3151 together with Miodrag Kuc #3555, Morgan Belenguer #3180, Jan Bovelet #5203 and many more, joined forces to create The Anxious Prop ; a series of ongoing discussions, exhibition/actions and sporadic publications.

of course, we've already been there and had a tour of the entire place. it's one of those exhibtion that invites the visitor to interact with the art pieces, to rediscover yourself in mirrors and become a part of it all, as you enter the ball-shape burka and only have a tiny slid to look back out at the rest of the room.

in the words of the artists the show is "a decentralization, or eccentric search for our postcapitalist selves in the form a multiplicity of spherical studies, shunning away from the finished work or nostalgia for democratic constructs and the illusion of justice ebbing from fruition."

so there!

it is also worth mentioning that most of the pieces exhibited have been constructed in the space itself. in the case of kuc's & jan's wrecking pendulum, it meant that there would be no way of getting it back out through the door.

the act of actually crashing the piece was caught on film as a slow-motion clip, has thus turned into art itself.

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