Right now I am doing an internship at PLATOON. Four weeks only. You think that's too short? So do I. Still I couldn't feel any better about being here. Trying to absorb everything before I have to go back to Karl-Marx-Stadt where I study media communication. Being born in Schwäbisch-Hall, having grown up in and around Hamburg, studying in Chemnitz and being in Berlin right now I am trying to get to know Germany (north, east, south and west and so on)... well... and life. Hoping to spread the ideas I gather at PLATOON in the grey but charming (because of its honesty) Chemnitz.

Since I am not much of an extroverted person and plain words and pictures apparantely don't get you anywhere nowadays I will leave it at that and instead post a link to the fantastic new video for Grizzly Bear's While You Wait For The Others, which is my favourite song on their latest album Veckatimest. The video has just the right amount of surrealism and complements the song perfectly.
The director is Sean Pecknold who also did the claymation video for Fleet Foxes' White Winter Hymnal from last year.