we have just arrived in beijing! no problems! now we are among 1 billion chinese people.. frightening! .. we will let you know how it goes..

yesterday we did some office work for projects going on in berlin + the preparation for our stay in beijing. in the evening we had another extraordinary dinner: ilse and juergen strafe invited us to a boat trip thru the bay of hong kong to an island of food! at the rainbow restaurant we only ate fresh seafood.. fresh means still alive while ordering.. all variations.. totally crazy..

a friend of ilse and juergen joined us: christa koch-kessler. she is the director and food goddess of 'ClassAct', culinary marketing and events planing in hong kong. she is not just a real professional but also a really funny austrian lady.. we had lots of fun!

she gave us a short but striking introduction to hong kong food strategies: they also have a menu order. but they choose depending on personal type, color of food, structure etc.. but listen to her in this movie (17 mb)..

stay tuned..