Humboldt Distrito Creativo is a cultural initiative by TGCA MEX to promote and support Mexico City´s creative scene.

Named in honour of German scientist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt in occasion of his 250th birth anniversary in 2019.

The initiative wants to embody the passion for exploration and discovery, the curiosity for all aspects of culture and be a reminder of why it is important to enable projects with a vision in order to create the cities of our collective imagination.

Alexander Von Humboldt, started the recognition and track of America’s natural wealth; his work joined scientific and artistic insight plus a strong activism, being one of the first persons pushing  equal treatment amongst races and communities.

By declaring a new district with imaginary boundaries that can be extended anywhere, the initiative seeks to create the awareness that creative districts are possible and can exist when communities join forces and start creating cultural values together.

The creation of cultural hubs, knowledge-sharing platforms, creative studios and corresponding facilities, enables the regeneration of a neighbourhood. When not planned from above but enabled to grow from the grassroots, it has the potential to empower a vibrant community, bypassing the common process of gentrification. And that would be very important for any city.

The aim of the initiative would be also to facilitate more accessibility to the district in form of affordable Studios Ateliers, Curated Walls for Murals, Fablabs and alternative co-working spaces. There will be regular cultural programming, from open studio weekends to design&makers markets, exhibitions, performances and a forum for discussion to further cultural initiatives.

Many artists, design studios and cultural institutions would benefit from a space in the city center to showcase their work. With the influx of new ideas, also the local community could be involved in the development of their own neighbourhood.
The spirit of the Creative Barrio/District is inclusive and doesn’t push residents or local businesses away. The aim is to elevate the area to a new level together, and give it a common direction. An example for other creative barrios and hubs that can arise around the city and beyond.

In view of the Humboldt Year in 2019, The Global Creative Alliance initiates the Humboldt Distrito Creativo in collaboration with the existing creative cluster in Edificio Humboldt and local communities, with the support of the Delegación Cuauhtemoc and several other Institutions. TGCA MEX coordinates the initiative, runs the media campaign and represents the Humboldt Creative District from its Offices at Edificio Humboldt.

After establishing a first base in the center of Mexico City, we plan different activities to be extended towards all cardinal points and above. And why not, also getting to know further borders, erasing boundaries while working together in what we like the most and joining our different visions and styles to ensure the message is eloquent.

Take a look in the photo gallery below where you can see more about it.


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