We hosted our first IDEAS BRUNCH, a format made to deliver thoughts and inspirations from selected members of our alliance. The meeting was planned to discuss ideas and follow up the projects that will link Mexico and Germany in this last stage of the Año Dual Alemania-México.
The call was well received, and before 10am there were members ready for breakfast. We offered chilaquiles, café de la olla, fresh juice and fruit to feed the ideas of the creative army.
The young but prolific collective VNGRAVITY, conformed by Salvador Loza and Gibrán Morgado, were our special guests, and they introduced us to their work and future plans. Their work is focused in Virtual and Augmented Reality; and their interest is mainly in the use of new technologies to exhibit their utopian and dystopian visions and speculative futures, with a hint of political critics in a context where the non-sense could prevail, they have a solid center in the middle of their crazy world and so we will continue preparing with them a project to be presented within the next weeks.
Telekinetic Media Lab also joined the morning, under the motto "Digital Alchemy and applied Technology to art and entertainment”, they presented to us a multiple variety of projects they have developed in the past, from collaborations with music festivals to animations and games, this was also a great surprise.

Kano Shop was also present, they are a furniture workshop interested in encourage the selling of Mexican design world wide but producing in situ through digital blue prints, in order to reduce the ecological impact of design and distribution processes. They introduced to us their lastest project XOCHIPEOPLE, inspired in the Mexica God of Arts, Dance and Flowers Xochipilli: the project put together different disciplines and concepts to be developed through collaborations.
Another projects were presented as well, Víctor Pérez Rul and his future anthropology was one of them; through experiemental processes and new media, Víctor mixes science and art with an outtake in what will be a future anthropology.
This interaction amongst us give us a deep insight of motivations, strategies and concepts on why and how to unleash visions.