hi y'all,

i have done several reviews about our past events and realized that i haven't done one about me! so here it goes, my short self introduction.

my name is CHASE KWAK. i was born in gwangju, korea, where you can find KUNSTHALLE GWANGJU, manufactured in kuala lumpur and sapporo, finalized in new york. i came back from my military service as a marine about a month ago. now i am mainly working with UDO, DONGMI and HONNEY as an event organization/pr intern at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, seoul. my major back in sva (school of visual arts, new york) was film/video, but i am interested in the whole field of subculture, especially street. it may sound a little corny, but i believe that only cultural development can truly change each person and the world eventually in a positive way. that's pretty much the reason why i joined PLATOON. i love playing basketball, taking pictures, beat making, watching movies, conspiracy theories(?) and so on.

thank you for reading my intro and i look forward to hearing from you.