my name is ubin like rubin without a "r" (rubin=german expr. for ruby). the hard facts: i was born in 1987. i'm from berlin kreuzberg. i study at the university of arts berlin. my major? i've got many majors, because my study course is interdisciplinary (graphic design, verbal communication, communication and media science, audiovisual communication etc.)
now i'm doing an internship at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE for 2 months.
the first time i came in touch with PLATOON KUNSTHALLE was in march before the opening.
udo gave me a tour through the building and told me about the ideas of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE.
a place for subcultures in seoul. a place where subcultures can come together and live out their activities. my first thought was: i wanna be part of that. i wanna get an impression of the subcultural scenes in seoul, which were so unreachable for me before, although i came to this city many times.

and now (thanks to the PLATOON KUNSTHALLE chef) my dream of original schnitzel and german bread in korea came true, too.
life can be so beautiful sometimes. just like a fairytale.