Five years in and Daniel Iregui’s Iregular studio have already established themselves as an essential node in their home base of Montreal’s art and technology communities.

Founded by the Colombian-born artist—whose primary collaborators are interactive and web developers—their code-driven installations, websites and mobile apps are eye-catching and clever engagements with users that can expand across all three platforms. Take Period: as a grid installation projected onto the side of a building, users connect to its wifi with their smartphones, are assigned one of 15 tiles, and trigger changes of sound and visuals by shaking their phone. A version of this formed the basis of a web experience for the city’s Mutek festival as well as a downloadable app.

If sound, visuals and light are key to almost all installation work—and the union of the three is certainly integral for Iregular—the interactivity of the work adds another dimension, such as in the Playhead installation where different parts of a composition are triggered by the audience’s individual positions in the space. By focusing on this element, Iregular’s work not only strives to expand the possibilities of art, it also illuminates the possibilities of technology, both online and on the street.