If painting is one of humanity’s oldest artistic mediums, South Korean artist Jazoo Yang brings new life to it.

Take her collaboration with musician Haku Sungho: metal springs are attached to her canvas, and as she paints, the sounds produced via the springs are amplified by prepared speakers and guitar amp, collected by Sungho’s laptop, and recorded and manipulated in real time. Live painting is a large part of her practice, often in collaboration with musicians, as is a literacy in street art and their unique characters. Her painterly touch also regularly informs her installation work, which focuses on reconstructing the lost history of a space.As a painter, Yang’s Wall series, in particular, starts from a number of different materials on canvas to evoke the classicism of abstract expressionism. Crumbles of leftover paintings are stuffed between steel bands or dribbled over bricks, recontextualizing painting itself. There’s a historicism at play in much of her work—a sense of temporality in a static image or arranged objects in a space; acknowledgement, respect, and mourning for the past. The ancient art of painting finds some renewal in Jazoo Yang.