“Stop,” and “think,” are simple commands, but for Korean multimedia artist and polymath Jiwoong Yoon they are also a gateway to a greater sense of being.

That’s the aim behind his performance piece Stop / Think, which he first unveiled in Seoul in 2013 during the philosophy event of the same name. 

Inspired by the work of the event’s participants, such as Slavoj Žižek and Alain Badiou, G (as Yoon is nicknamed) roamed the streets of the city’s fashionable Gangam shopping district pushing a moving billboard with the directives printed large and clear. Engaging with anybody curious enough to speak with him, but also imploring the public at large, G was essentially asking people to pause their cycle of mindless consumerism and reflect on what could help enrich society as a whole.While many might not arrive at that particular train of thought on their own, it’s easy to see how, especially in today’s distracted times, a pause for thought of any kind could only be a positive step. Bringing the piece to Berlin later that year was a reminder of the universality of the lesson. Sometimes an artist with a placard is all it takes to start a dialogue.