The result of two good ideas combined into one inspired creation, Berlin’s Klara Geist created their sound bikes by finding the perfect match for their high-end mobile sound systems in the cargo bikes built by Danish manufacturer Larry vs Harry.

Adapting their hand-built speakers to fit the payload of the Bullitt bike,the end result is an audiophile sound experience on two wheels, capable of reaching any urban scenery. Using a battery for power, pro PA chassis and internal amplifiers and ventilation system, Klara Geist are also able to customize the sound systems to special requests.

If cycling alone wasn’t environmentally-friendly enough, KG’s concern for sustainability extends to poison-free coatings and adhesives and thinking about wood use in the long-term. But even if they weren’t so earth-positive, the positivity each sound bike brings in sheer joy makes it special. Riding down the streets of Berlin, bringing unexpected, momentary music is a cause for curiosity, wonder and then smiles. The sound bikes are not only carriers of music, but also of good vibes—ingenious levity shared with the public. Parked to party, sound bikes give mobility not only to music, but to merriment.