If adhesive tape in the realm of street art is an increasingly visible medium, in Berlin at least, this is partly due to the activities of Klebebande—the trio of artists working exclusively with the sticky stuff.

With different, brightly colored rolls of tape, they create fantastical displays of geometrically-inspired imagery, even playing with a third dimension of line art with their “tape-mapping” projects. It’s bold, eye- catching stuff, whether it encompasses the entire interior of a space— as with their installation in PLATOON KUNSTHALLE—or scaled down as a single figure on a wall.Intriguingly, Klebebande operate in a number of different contexts, including gallery, street, and corporate settings. They also offer workshops, sharing their vision with participants around the world. And it’s certainly a matter of vision; the tools at their disposal can be found in any hardware store and require no special instruction for use. Yet a Klebebande piece brings this simplest of equipment to vivid life, without the aid of digitization, often as the product of collaborative improvisation. Straight lines, sticky tape, and imagination.