finally we presented the zero issue of ABOUT on last saturday.
over 300 people came and we all celebrated together till all know how it went... hehehe^^*it was awesome!!!
ABOUT and kunsthalle's very important person soo.
She is wearing about's own design logo "about questions" t-shirts.

kunsthalle's another important person mrs.seo on about t-shirts.

ABOUT's publishing company yeuleumsa's ceo suhgun lee.

everybody on the party was a dancing queen~~!

some fine looking korean girls there ??? hehehe..sure they are !!! especially in ABOUT t-shirts.

our good friend gangsuk and the author of the book "back to berlin",dongmi.

hyunjeong from the goethe institut .

udo was djing earlier... first time he is not eating or sleeping hehehe^^*.

berlin-based vjs u-matic & telematique did a performance at the party.