just around the corner from PLATOON berlin there is this small shop, a sign says STAALPLAAT. whats that ?

the place caught my attention a while ago walking by noticing a crowd of people in and outside the store and some preformers tweaking sound gadgets.

so i finnally walked over to have a closer look:

guillaume, the owner, tells me that he took over the store from STAALPLAAT about 1 1/2 years ago and besides selling mostly music entitled "experimental", started to offer comics, art books and exhibitions mostly combined with concerts and performances.

next to cds, records and even tapes the rough but charming location is filled with books, comics, screen prints and art pieces.

in a room at the back are some pieces of former exhibtions:

the sports bag by gregory le lay

the wall painting by cecile alvarez and pauline raguin

so if you are around check it out and let yourself inspire by wicked stuff you probably wouldn't come across so easily elsewhere...

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