thank god the second leg of the bundesliga-season 2008/09 started three weeks ago. this means the winterbreak and the tristesse are over. my life makes sense again, definitely!
gratefully we had the choice to start at home on gameday 18 - we earned a 2:1 victory against frankfurt, then, followed by a 1:1-draw at bielefeld one weekend later.
on saturday, 14th the time had come. it’s all about the david vs. goliath-myth; we had to guest fc bayern münchen ... and won 2:1 in an outstanding performance. i guess there is no need to mention that the olympic-stadium was sold out. more than 74.000 spectators were freezing and focusing on this match.
as you can see, we’re no 1, now! this is really awesome because no one expected it. our budget isn’t that big and therefore this is so much the better!

if I write „we“ all the time, i’m definitely speaking of Hertha BSC Berlin. if you haven’t been familiar with the club’s name that much; hertha was the name of a berlin based pleasure-boat on which the club was founded on a summer day in 1892. if you’re interested in the club’s history, here is some further information.

however - you can’t imagine how proud I am by owning the club through the fact that I can call it’s traditional home my home, too. namely speaking of an area called berlin-wedding.
actually, the club used to own a ground at this time in wedding, the „plumpe“, but they had to give it away in the 1960ies.
it was sold by moneymen, in person the management-board, which miscalculated at this time. the loss of this heartland is still a big tragedy; due to the fact that it was the place where the club achieved it’s only two championships in 1930 and 1931; hopefully there is more to come, though.
anyway - the „Plumpe“ had to go for a council-housing-complex. at least there are some sculptures as a rememberance!

i do not know how you experience football...? to me it is so much more than just follow a match as a spectator whose only interests are the goal-oriented facts.
in Desmond Morris’ words, it is all about masquerade, chanting, dancing and narcotics – just being a member of your tribe! if you’re really interested in those things and the cultural side of football, i strictly advice you to get in touch with Desmond Morris, Reinhard Kopiez, Eduardo Galeano and 11 Freunde; to name only a few...!

stay tuned; or how did the first football-philosopher, Sepp Herberger, say: „after the match is before the match!“