LONDON · to celebrate its 20-year anniversary of self-navigation HUGO BOSS has created a unique project entitled RED NEVER FOLLOWS, celebrating not only its own history but also the single narrative of originality. and the new fairy-tale number occurs once again in the amount of creatives from all over the world that are collaborating with HUGO by creating exclusive artworks for the project.

PLATOON is proud to be involved in the electrifying project and to help HUGO put together an exhibition that counts many of PLATOON members among the 20 creatives featured. the RED NEVER FOLLOWS artworks range from ornate murals and sonic designs to light installations and interactive sensory installations and much more, all gravitating within the field of urban creativity.

the featured artists at RED NEVER FOLLOWS are:

Armin Keplinger (AUT), Barrett & Taylor (GBR), Bart Hess (NED), Daito Manabe (JPN), Elektropastete (GER), Elisa Strozyk (GER), Felix Bonowski (GER), Güvenc Özel (TUR), Iepe Rubingh (NED), Jeongmoon Choi (KOR), Jun Fujiwara (JPN), Marco Barotti & Plastique Fantastique (ITA), Mark Jenkins (USA), Pierre Debusschere (BEL), Pussykrew (POL), Sonice Development (GER), Steffen Seeger (GER), Takahito Irie (JPN), Urbanscreen (GER) and Victor Ash (POR).

a shared love of design and the ability to seize and re-evaluate the materials, objects and structures surrounding us unites the presented artists, still capturing each their own characteristic point of view. as a result, RED NEVER FOLLOWS is in its whole a landscape portraying the philosophy of an engrained impulse to hack into the flow of things and twist them around.

free to the public the exhibition runs from 31st july - 1st september at the Saatchi Gallery. you can find more pictures on facebook.

contributed by Martina Antunovic.