BERLIN · some months ago, several members who run The Anxious Prop collective organized a different kind of conference.

from the idea that sometimes the most interesting part of a conference is actually the pause, they set up an interactive space inside an empty swimming pool at Stadtbad Wedding.

lots of speakrs were invited (even a professor from London), but to their surprise there was no main podium where everyone would listen to them give a speech, but instead multiple podiums to chat with other attendees.

obviously the conversations were always on the topic of the conference, thanks to a bunch of secret agents that would drive topics before they end on chitchats. the circular arena with a void centre served as a spatial model in which real-time conversations where recorded by a rotating crane with a mic that would pick up randomly selected conversations and print them in a new visual language. at the end the pool was full of papers spitted out by printers on the top.

Making-Visible is a prerequisite for collective knowledge - and each mode of production makes their own, be it through visual or other channels. AXP C4 aims to question the differences and similarities between science and the plastic arts in terms of making-visible.

case 4 was a collective effort to examine differences and similarities between science and plastic arts in terms of making-visible. by deconstructing the scientific format of the conference, the interdisciplinary team generated simultaneous discussions and presented a new issue of feuilleton.

Photos : Lola Meyer, Daniel Fernándezpascual, Elizabeth Feder