a documentary film about philippe petit, a wire dancer, who in 1974 stepped out on a wire, illegally rigged between new york´s twin towers.
i heard about the film in nyc and was happy to see that the film also made it into the cinemas of berlin.

the interesting thing about the movie is that it works with fictive elements- with reenactments- which cover the story of the „secret coup“.

the archive-material of petits wire-acts kept me stunning. the whole story is definitely more than a documentation of the world trade center-wire dance. it´s a moving film about friendship, fame and the will to do the impossible. through the fictive elements the film becomes a thrilling combination of a hollywood action movie and a classic documentary film.

another fact i really enjoyed was that the film tells petits story without going into the near history of the wtc and the terror attacks.

... one of the films i would definitey watch a second or a third time. check out the trailer