what are students doing in long holidays?????? ;-)
i had a great trip to MANIFESTA 7.
here a short recommendation ...

MANIFESTA is an european festival/platform for contemporary art. it is held in different locations, every two years.
this year MANIFESTA 7 takes place in italy, in the region of trentino-alto adige/south tyrol. manifesta 7 is located in bozen, franzenfeste, rovereto and trento.

MANIFESTA 7 occupied with the topic "art in industrial buildings". the exhibitions and events in those four cities are held in extraordinary places ... an old tobacco factory, an former aluminium factory, ...

the bigger part of those (about 200) artists are rather nameless - which definitely changes nothing in quality of works!! you'll see things like drawings, different installations, videoclips, music-experiments, smell-experiments, light-art, also works with nonsense material or waste, sound-installations, documents of writers, silent-movies... and many many more!!! besides, a huge supporting programm and some workshops.


19.07.2008 - 02.11.2008
trentino - alto adige/südtirol
opening hours: 10am - 7pm
free entry: < 18, 65 >, students


by the way, at the exhibition in bozen (i really recommend you the exhibition there!!) i also "found" an ETOY container > 5 crew members did there a "self-encapsulation" for a so-called "mission eternity" (more infos).

i had beautiful days there!!
maybe you've time to visit...
so long / angi