Marco Barotti is driven by a desire to invent an artistic language where a fictional post futurist era is expressed through kinetic sound interventions in both natural and urban environments. His installations merge waste, audio technology, and consumer objects into moving sculptures triggered entirely by sound. The primary focus of my work involves creating a “tech ecosystem” that resembles the animal world. These artworks are metaphors for the anthropogenic impact on the planet and aim to make people aware of environmental issues. In his previous creations, Barotti addressed the topics of e-waste, electromagnetic pollution and water, and plastic pollution. Marco Barott´s new work, THE EGG, aims to explore the core of all environmental issues: overpopulation.

According to the Worldometer, an online algorithm counting the world’s population in real-time, the world population was 7,742,293,456 at 8:20 on the morning of November 8, 2019. Ten thousand years ago, there were 1 million people living on the planet, fifty years ago there were 3 billion of us and, by the end of this century, we are estimated to reach a population of 10 billion people! The industrial revolution increased our dependency on oil, coal, and gas while the green revolution came at the cost of the loss of habitat, pollution runoff and overfishing. This set in motion the start of the degradation of the planetary ecosystem. As a consequence of our growth, all four elements of the climate changed: CO2 emissions are modifying our atmosphere, water overuse is modifying the hydrosphere, rising atmospheric and sea temperatures are modifying the cryosphere and the increased use of land and the effects of pollution are modifying our biosphere. 40% of the land is in use for food production and the demand for food is on course to be doubled by 2050. Two out of three countries are already individually consuming more than they can sustainably produce using their own resources. Land use, land degradation, habitat loss and pollution runoff are now causing a severe loss of species: 31% of all amphibians, 21% of all mammals and 13% of all birds are threatened with extinction. This loss of biodiversity on the current scale means the degradation of a vital planetary ecosystem that every living depending upon. While Earth is home to millions of various species, it is dominated by only, homo sapiens. We have modified almost every part of our planet and, as we continue to grow, our need for vital resources increases exponentially. We human beings are the main force behind every global problem we face.

Marco Barotti´s proposition is to create a kinetic sound sculpture resembling an egg. The cycle of life, reflected in the shape of the sculpture with neither beginning nor end, symbolizes fertility and reproduction - and thus questions the impact of overpopulation. Driven by real-time data generated by the Worldometer, the sculpture constantly changes its shape. The data produced by the counters recording births and deaths are converted into bass frequencies. These frequencies are pitched below what is audibly perceptible by human beings, infrasound. They are too low to be heard but powerful enough to drive the subwoofer to produce movements, air pressure and sound vibrations to interact with the flexible membrane of the structure. This creates unpredictable patterns that continuously reshape the sculpture. The EGG is made out of natural rubber, a high-tech latex material produced from plants.

World population Right now: 7,720,666,205