MARSEILLE · korean born street artist and PLATOON resident Jazoo Yang travelled europe and left some remarkable traces. as part of her ‘excretion’ series she painted one of gallery nomads famous containers in Marseille, followed by a group exhibition with the Wa  #5727 and jules tarantules.  

Jazoos trails can also be tracked throughout berlin: on the abandoned bärenquell brewery area in schöneweide jazoo continued her ‘excretion’ on relinquished cars. this context mirrors the aim of jazoos work: its an expression of her own solitude and gesture of humanity within the bleakness of the big city. she intends to explore notions of history and loss of familiarity within cities and urban spaces. ‘excretions’ tackles these feelings of solitude and isolation.

to create these large-scale artworks Jazoo focuses her solitary energy (chi) on a given area, as if unconscious, she is guided by her hands, allowing the action of painting to be documented by the resulting strokes and scratches. Jazoo’s works take a variety of forms, including painting (excretions), installation (excavation), and performance. she was featured in the SHOWCASE REBOOT VOL. 6 at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE and participated as special guest at Graffiti Research Lab.