the artistic research project: intelligent bacteria.

huge glass containers with yellow liquid connected by cables and pipes - that is what the project looks like.
attached to the end of the pipes are microphones to record sounds - best described as a random clicking. in truth, it´s the sound produced by saccharomyces cerevisiae during the fermentation process.

the accoustic and performative act is not the only aspect of this project. it also functions as a respons to the high number of alcohol poisonings and deaths in indonesia. here alcohol consumption has always been firmly anchored in the culture, but is suppressed by religious beliefs. as a result people have started brewing their own unsafe alcohol and large numbers have died.

„the project is a collaborative art and biotechnology work, using diy and open source technologies intended to give the public an awareness of the local traditional culture of alcohol, and to distribute knowledge of safe alcohol fermentation process in order to produce alcoholic drinks with the richness of indonesian tropical fruit in an affordable and safe way.“ (