We have been asked by colleagues and friends overseas and even in Mexico, about reliable organizations where help can be addressed, so here we deliver a brief overview on what is happening in Mexico nowadays and how to support causes with different approaches.

The aftermath of the recent earthquake that affected three different stateshas open and raise civil and creative movements as the stage of reconstruction starts after few weeks of uncertainty and mourning for various states affected by the phenomena.

ASTROLAB is a multidisciplinary team and research laboratory composed of artists, technologists and designers working in the convergence of art, science and technology. Composed by Víctor Pérez-Rul, Lauren Klein, Aranza Cortés and OOSPP; the ASTROLAB team proposes this project called 0919, which proposes some technological solutions with which it seeks to improve part of the circumstances in which the populations affected by the earthquake of September 19, 2017 that affected Mexico City and the states of Puebla and Morelos, added to the earthquake of September 7, which affected mainly Oaxaca and Chiapas, all the populations mentioned are still in need of help .

Reconstruir a México is a multidisciplinary organization founded soon after Mexico City and other states such as Puebla and Morelos were declared in state of emergency; their aim is provide support in the reconstruction of buildings before their unnecessary demolition in some cases. This organization is promoted mainly by a set of architects, amongst them Iñaki Echeverría, whom projects and visions were already channeled into the recovery of the lakes - as the only way to create a balance at underground level in the city that used to be a system of lakes. 
Activities for the coordination and discussion of projects will be host at Proyecto Público Prim, check out their agendas to join the conversations amongst professionals of different areas.

DONADORA is a Mexican fundraising platform focused in donation to causes, the opened a full section of projects to support the reconstruction of houses and other affected areas.


Viviendas Pet is an initiative developed inspired by situations of natural disasters for the construction of emerging housing usingPET plastic bottles.


CIP DATOS is a network of volunteer citizens emerged after with the aim of rebuilding through data verification and training of brigades that we connect with the affected areas.

Definitely, the recover of the country is gonna be hard but it will also bring the chances to re-stablish proper politics and regulations when it comes about construction and urban planning, making decisions not only looking for the development of some peoples businesses but extending the probabilities of good life in the city and surrounding areas. We support completely our members and Allies, as much as those who, in general, are people coming up with great ideas in order to see their beloved country standing up together.

¡Fuerza México!