while waiting in preparation for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall, we thought to have a cosy movie night with you, just to give you a glimpse about how it was like back then, especially for all of you who missed the nineties here in Berlin and are still wondering about what the Berlin myth is actually all about...

ever heard about the legendary squat EIMER? -wiki-
and what about the early days of TACHELES back in 1990?

those were exciting times...

"the best time in life is when the old power is gone and the new one isnt there yet....."

starting from point zero - the fall of the berlin wall on 09.11.1989 - an euphoric bunch of chaotic jungsters started squatting empty houses in berlin-mitte. director Marco Wilms traces back 5 Utopians of those times, what happened to them, their dreams and projects.

a movie about exceptional charachters with as background a very unique historical circumstance.

DONNERSTAGS-BAR 29.10.09 - movie screening of:
"MITTENDRIN - BERLIN VORTEX" by Marco Wilms #3530.

with an introduction by Michael Zysk from Heldenfilm.

starting at 21:30 on the dot
- who´s in is in...who´s out, well... has to wait outside.


... dont forget to bring your DOGTAG!