just a small report on our stunning concert last week: who couldn't join did miss something very special.. not just special for korea but also to my whole life.

at the beginning everybody was quite nervous about how the concert will be appreciated by the people of seoul. but the three rock heroes prepared everything for the great battle.

but after a while the crowed got bigger and bigger and finally the PLATOON was packed! the show started.. and for sure: the people freaked out.

there where maybe 400 people rocking the place.

amazing visuals! you should buy the DVD!!!

but after the show the real party started:

sascha and gernot couldn't stop.. so they board the DJ-booth and rocked an after-show which will become legendary!

over hours they made the people going wild..

LJ max (light jockey) was so exhausted playing our regular light switches.. he was drinking directly from the tab...

the story of the following water sports can not be written down here ;-)

we will prepare a video from the concert in the next days.. so stay tuned.