MONTREAL · Montreal winter is fun and totally interactive, as we bring news on iregular latest projects, collaborations and installation done this and previous year.

our members Santiago Ramos Bravo #5458 and Daniel Iregui #5762 done some really great things..

Control no control is very entertaining and effective installation which focuses on body, space and sound within the framework of digital architecture and it was presented at Igloofest, an outdoor music festival in Montreal, from Jan 12 -28, 2012.

we already reported on festival du nouveau cinema in montreal, where irregular presented their interactive installation Full Moon, from october 12- 22, 2011.

full moon evolves and transforms based on the use of human voices. Like wolves howling at the full moon, spectators were invited to make a sound into an intriguingly surreal megaphone in the middle of the Promenade des artistes, all treated to one of the 10 "carte blanche" short films commissioned by the Festival and its 40th edition.

And from June 1st til 5th 2011 Jean-Sebastien Baillat, Guillaume Cardell and Daniel Iregui present PERIOD, a work that extends the experiential campaign developed for MUTEK (with Pointbarre) and housed at MUTEK.ORG/PLAY festival.

besides being a reknown electronic musik festival, mutek is also a not-for-profit organization, mandated to provide a platform for the most original and visionary artists currently working in their fields, with the intent of providing an outlet of initiation and discovery for the audiences they seek to develop.

Period was housed at MUTEK.ORG/PLAY, project was projected against the UQAM´s facade it brings together PLAY´s visual blocks and sounds (conceived by Jean-Sebastien Roux) into a spontaneous tableau of inventive playfulness....